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At KRaSe we focus on high quality skin
care and the best in Hair and Color

We believe
Dermalogica is the best skin
care for our clients, benefiting all ages, and
being both gentle and effective for a variety
of skin care needs. "Looking good is the
product of healthy skin!"

Pureology is sulfate free and helps protect
your color from environmental damages and
everyday styling abuse. It is effective in
adding and preserving the shine and depth
of your color from start to finish. We believe it
is light years ahead of it's competitors and
use it to help you maximize your investment
with us.

Redken Professional Products are the
perfect compliment for your Redken Color,
increasing it's shine and lasting power.
is our key color line. The color bond
technology locks in your color with intense
conditioning and radiant shine, giving you
translucent color with a  multidimensional
effect .    

Kevin Murphey  products are sulfate and
sodium chloride free.  They are perfect for
protecting your chemically treated, or keratin
straightened  hair.  The company is also
using less petroleum in making all their
packaging, making them environmentally